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In 1991 I completed my study landscape architecture at the Wageningen University. My first job was a temporary job as an urban green designer at the Ministry of Defence. In 1992 I went to Suriname for one year. For the Surinamese Ministry of Public Works I wrote two town planning policy documents for Paramaribo (the capital of Suriname) and its surroundings. In the years that followed I
wrote conservation plans for historic country estates and worked on the design of new country estates in the Netherlands for Groenland Beheer, a consultancy firm for redevelopment in rural areas. In 2008 Groenland Beheer became part of Oranjewoud, one of the big engineering and environmental consulting firms in the Netherlands. In 2011 I decided to be an independent landscape architect and consultant.

During my career I developed myself as an allround landscape architect working on design projects at different scale levels. This varies from the design of an urban park to a development plan for a rural area of several hundreds of hectares. I am also experienced in writing policy documents on urban planning issues, e.g. urban green structure development plans and public policy documents on the redevelopment of rural areas and new functions for disused farms and industry buildings. Further I am specialised in the Dutch governmental subsidization system for ecological development and nature conservation by private landowners.

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