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Welcome to the site of Evert Verweij Landscape and Development. Landscape and development are the main terms for the consulting services I offer. A broad view on spatial issues is my key competence. Do you need an input to your project? Please contact me.

My specialisms

Policy documents, designs and devolopment plans for new forests, ecological zones and parks, from rough sketch till elaborated disigns and planting schemes. For example:
-         New forests, ecological zones and habitat corridors
-         New country estates
-         Reconstruction / redevelopment of existing country estates
-     Urban green structure planning
-         New Recreation areas and parks
-         Reconstruction / redevelopment of existing recreation areas and parks


-         Quickscan
-         Feasibility study
-         Rough sketch (e.g. combined with quick scan or feasibility study)
-         Landscape analysis (for example soil, water, occupation history)
Public policy analysis
-         Policy plan on spatial issues
-         Strcture- and Layout plan
-         Development plan
-         Planting scheme
-         Estimate of earthwork
-         Estimate of cost
-         Rough working scheme info@evertverweij.nl
-         Landscape conservation plan

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